$0.03 Inflation Calculator

3 Cents Adjusted for Inflation

What is 3 Cents worth in today's dollars? What's the rate of inflation on 0.03?

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How much inflation has there been on $0.03? What are the current inflation rates? How much is 3 Cents worth in today's dollars?

View inflation by year of the US dollar. Enter your details into the calculator or browse the chart below to see how the cost of living index has changed in the United States over time.
How is inflation on 3 Cents calculated?

The Consumer Price Index aggregates prices in the US over time. The rate of inflation is then compared based on the change in the CPI.

For example, the CPI was 10 in 1914 and 296.797 in 2023. So the amount in 1914 is multiplied by (296.797 / 10), or 29.6797. So 0.03 in 1914 had the same purchasing power as about 0.89 in 2023.